Intelligent Search for Unstructured Data

What is infoIQ™

infoIQ™ is a content management tool that empowers its users with state-of-the-art machine learning (ML) algorithms to enable features such as intelligent search, automated classification, and knowledge graph building. In contrast to many other content management platforms, it is a flexible and lightweight solution that can operate entirely offline using no more computing resources than what are found in modern tablets.

Problem: How to Search Thousands of Unstructured Documents for Meanings?

In today’s digitized world, there is an exponentially increasing volume of unstructured information. While search engines allow users to locate the “needle” of information they required from within a public “haystack” via the internet, most private, confidential, classified or verified documents cannot be accessed the same way. In actuality, today’s search engine technology still struggles at adequately addressing this problem. Fortunately, advances in Machine Learning (ML) algorithms – particularly in Natural Language Processing (NLP) – have demonstrated promise in   developing a capability that can make sense of large amounts of unstructured data from multiple sources, both private and public.

Solution: infoIQ™ is our Latest Natural Language Processing (NLP) Suite of Artificial Intelligence Tools.

infoIQ™ is a lightweight, personal search engine that allows users to “google” a private collection of documents without relying on a massive cloud-based infrastructure. Unlike other conventional search engines, infoIQ™ can operate as a standalone application, disconnected from the internet. For situations that require more complex information retrieval functionalities, infoIQ™ can be customized by connecting to a powerful multi-task learning AI/ML engine through a secure federated portal.

Domain-Knowledge Infused
infoIQ™ can be customized to specific lexicons by incorporating domain-specific knowledge, such as custom glossaries or colloquial-dictionaries. This is crucial to the interpretation of natural languages, as the word “vessel” might mean “vehicle” when discussing transportation, but could have a different definition in the context of laboratory research. This is made possible by infoIQ™’s ground-breaking contrastive learning algorithm, which has been shown to outperform the competition on tasks such as word-synonym recall.

Long-Term Memory
infoIQ™ employs the most powerful method for modeling long-term contextual relationships within natural languages: XL recurrence. This enhances infoIQ™’s ability to disambiguate the meanings of words based on context, while improving its ability to make inferences about long-form documents.

Shot Implementation – With a large amount of unlabeled training data available and model sizes increasing, infoIQ™ utilizes “zero-shot” and “few-shot” learning with a very small number of examples.

Self-Organizing Data
– Properly sorting and querying context-dependent information from numerous documents typically requires significant computational resources. For this reason, most search engines are dependent on massive cloud-based infrastructures. infoIQ™ removes these limitations by leveraging Hierarchical Navigable Small Worlds (HNSW) – the most cutting-edge algorithms for self-organizing data.

Modular Multi-task Learning
infoIQ™ employs the latest advances in multi-task machine learning, giving it a uniquely low computational footprint. Its modular design further ensures that infoIQ™ can be customized to fit within even the scarcest computational resources.

infoIQ™ Feature Summary

The Latest in Customizable Search Engine Functionality and Features


A familiar Google-style interface with broad error correction mechanisms can make a crucial difference for information retrieval in the midst of battlefield fog of war confusion, stress and fatigue.



Intranet local search engine so your information can remain secure.



Lightweight and self-contained; deployable to endpoint devices that operate offline.



Uniquely adept at analyzing long form documents.



Adaptable to new (linguistic) learning environments using a very small examples set.

infoIQ™ Application & Deployment


infoIQ™ private state-of-the-art search engine is currently being showcased for US DoD, Healthcare, Legal, and Cyber verticals

infoIQ™ can be deployed in one of two (2) mode:

Where it can be self contained on an endpoint device for use in field maintenance

Private cloud
Where is can be accessed via a secure portal

infoIQ™ Application & Deployment


infoIQ™ state-of-the-art proximity search engine is currently being positioned for use cases in the DoD, Healthcare, and Cybersecurity verticals.


infoIQ™ can be deployed in one of two ways:

  • Standalone – where it can be installed in an endpoint client device, for instance in field maintenance or operation usage.
  • Private cloud – where is can be accessed via a secure web portal from any authenticated client device.