We're Building Better Products Through AI & ML Solutions

Who we are

ILLUMINET.ai is a technology team within Appliedinfo Partners, Inc. (AIP) entrusted to developing custom ML solutions in areas like IMI Training development, Forensic Auditing, Patient Education, Cybersecurity Awareness Training, etc. for clients serviced by sub-divisions: D2 Creative, D2 TEAM-Sim, and D2 Cybersecurity. Our current areas of focus are in:


Our philosophy behind the application of AI to Learning

Any intelligent decision about education must minimally arise from an understanding of three things:

The Learner

The left brain of the ILLUMINET AI engine develops a complex understanding of each learner through survey responses and fine-grained tracking of the learners behavior through the course.

The Content

The right brain uses state of the art algorithms for language/image/video processing to understand the content of each course asset, then uses deep multi-modal data fusion to combine them into a holistic understanding of the course itself.

Learner Content Interactions

The corpus callosum connects the two sides of the brain to develop a context-dependent understanding of the learners behavior with respect to specific content as well as their behavioral history. At its heart is a powerful recommendation engine that is capable of offering the "right content" to the "right users" at the "right time".